Hades Thanatoi

24,90  Vat 24% inc. if applicable

Atlan Forge creates high quality models compatible with your favorite Grimdark tabletop wargame. All the models are created with scale and style in mind to offer the best “blending” experience.

🧩 set contains 45 parts:

  • 6 x Heads
  • 5 x Legs (3 variations)
  • 8 x Right pauldrons
  • 1 x Missile launcher
  • 5 x Right hand Heavy Weapon arms
  • 5 x Torso
  • 5 x Powerfist left arms (2 variations)

📐 Suitable for 28-32mm scale models

⚙️ Printed in Resin

🧩 Assembly required

🎨 Model comes unpainted

👍 We are a licensed Atlan Forge printing partner

🧩If the model needs assembly we recommend using superglue. Our favorite is GEL -type superglue, because it’s very easy to handle and doesn’t flow around.

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