High priest

6,89  Vat 24% inc. if applicable

Investigators and horrors from the Lovecraft mythos. Suitable for tabletop, roleplaying, boardgames or just to collect and paint! Get yours now and hope that you keep your sanity..

📐 32mm scale

⚙️ Base not included (available separately)

🧩 No Assembly needed

🎨 Model comes unpainted

👍 We are a licensed Adaevy printing partner

🧩If the model needs ssembly we recommend using superglue. Our favorite is GEL -type superglue, because it’s very easy to handle and doesn’t flow around.

📐The scale options shown are usually the most common ones used in gaming. If you would like to get the model/models in different scale, please contact via direct message.

⚠ Resin miniatures are very delicate. We have our own special resin mix, which adds flex to the models and in many cases prevent them from braking. But like with most fragile items, dropping will most likely brake them. We are not responsible any breakages after the contents have been taking into use and removed from the shipping box. If such breakages should happen, contact us and we help you to fix the models and sort things out.

🛠We print with high quality.

🛠Our larger prints will be hollowed to save resin. This leaves small holes to the undersides of the model which you can easily cover (if needed) with putties (greenstuff, liquid resin etc)

🛠We only use the resins that are among the best in the market

🛠Some models need to be supported in order to print properly, therefore there can be small markings on the print surface but these are easy to file / sand down

🛠We remove supports, wash and cure models

🛠Resin can have a distinct smell after printing. It isn’t dangerous in any way and will disappear

🎨Resin prints can be painted with all kinds of hobby paints (acrylic, enamel…). We recommend water based acrylics.

🛠Remember to undercoat or UV-clear coat the models if they are exposed to UV-light (daylight). Otherwise the resin will keep curing and get brittle

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