1. Check the package for any damage caused by the shipping. If you see any damage, take pictures for possible reclamation.
  2. Open the package carefully. The miniatures are always wrapped in bubblewrap layers. Sometimes we use silkpaper and plastic bags, depending of what we send. 
  3. Check that the packaging is as described above. If not, there is a chance that it has been opened. Take pictures and contact us if something is missing.
  4. Carefully open the bag/bags and open the silk paper wraps. Check all the miniatures for damage.
  5. If you encounter any damaged prints, take a photo and contact us. Use the form on our “contact” page or send us email directly to sales(at)luova3d.eu.

We do most of the post processing here, but some work is left for you also. We wash, cure and remove most of the supports. There can be tiny markings left on the model surface which you can remove using a sharp model knife. 

Also we recommend you to base coat / UV clear coat the models soon and avoid them being in contact with UV light sources (day light etc). The models keep hardening in the UV light and get brittle.

Resin prints are delicate no matter what kind of resin you use. We make our own resin mix, which gives the models some flex and impact resistance. Resin models can take a few hits before taking damage, that said if you handle them carefully they will be fine.

If they fall over on the table, they dont get damage. If they fall from the table, bulky miniatures are just fine but miniatures with delicate parts, most likely will get some damage. 

Good thing about resin prints is that they usually brake very clean. The surfaces go together so well, that you can hardly or at all notice the spot where it cracked.

Use superglue or similar to bond the model. If the model drops again, it most likely will not brake from the same spot because superglue bonds it so well. 

Also, if you have bent parts in the model, use hot water to soften the resin and then position the part as you want. Then let it dry while holding it in place.

We recommend you to use normal acrylic paints. There are many brands out there but any brand really is ok. We use mainly vallejo paints.

If your order is clearly late (3-5 days from the estimated delivery we gave you), please contact us via contact form or directly with email at sales(at)luova3d.eu.

In our experience it’s nothing out of the ordinary, if the order is late a week or so because the customs sometimes keep the packages longer than expected. 

We can usually only try to find tracked shipments but we do everything we can to find your order and get it to you. 

In the unfortunate case, where the order is lost, we will find a solution with you. 

Yes, we print almost anything you want. We have FDM machines and Resin printers. Just contact us and tell what you would like to get printed, and we give you free advice and quote for the job. 

We print from your own files, files sourced from anywhere (thingiverse, cults3d, myminifactory, gumroad.. you name it)

Sometimes in the cleaning process the alcohol is not clean enough and leaves the surface sticky after curing. This rarely happens, but it can happen. It’s completely safe to use the model and you can just undercoat it and the stickiness will be gone.

If you want, you can give the model a path of ethanol or Isopropanol and left it airdry or dry it with a hairdryer. That can remove the stickiness for good also. Basically it’s just repeating the cleaning process we have done.

White residue forms when the model has been cleaned with a dirty washing liquid and not all the left over resin has been removed. It’s completely safe to handle the model, because it has been cured. Often you can just remove it by brushing with an old toothbrush or similar. Be gentle not to damage the model. Or you can just paint over.

Not all resins act like this and we don’t have any whitening with our resins that we use now.

While our licenses cover a lot of the products our partners do, there can be cases that the particular model you would like to get, is not under our licensing. Most likely the cause for not finding the model is, that there are so many models that we haven’t had time to add it to our store.

In any case, contact us and we will try to get the model for you. We are always open for suggestions what models to add to our store.

Yes, we always do custom combinations and sets. No problem at all. Just send us a message at sales(at)luova3d.eu or via contact form.

Grey / Gray which ever word you use. The shade of grey varies though. Also we sometimes will do special promotions and use special resins like transparent or season coloring. These changes will always be clearly stated in the models and you can always have the option of grey.

The reason we use grey is that it’s good neutral base for painting, grey pigment don’t block UV light and makes the resin easier to print, they look nice and are easy to photograph.