About Luova3d

Everything got started back in 2007 when I registered Luova3D. First I had a store named “Taistelutarvike / Battle Accessories”, which sold board game / miniature wargaming related products. 

Four years later in 2011, I thought that I could do 3D-models for my hobbies (tabletop-, board gaming) and self-learned 3D-modelling and at first, I used other 3D -printing companies to do the printing for me, and I used those models to make resin molds and casted my own resin models.

Then I bought my first printer.(Finnish Minifactory 3). Little did I know, that I would be running a 3D -print e-commerce company, know how to build and maintain 3D -printers and also how to make and modify 3D-files. Now I have been on this journey for 16 years and it’s been awesome!

My “day job” is in the IT-industry, where I work as a consultant in large scale and complex IT -projects. Those skills combined with my 3D -printing skills, give me pretty good capabilities to serve my customers professionally.

What do we do and to whom?

We sell 3D printers / materials and run our printing services through ETSY and this website. We are selling our in-house made printed models and also licensed models. We also offer lasercutting services.

We mostly sell different types of accessories, miniatures, scenery etc. for tabletop-, roleplaying and board games. We also sell Cosplay props, busts for collectors and painters.

We also offer our services to anyone, who needs to get something printed from own files or bought files.

Even if our focus is in the E-commerce and running it through selected sites, We also can help you with special 3D printing projects as a printing / 3D-consulting partner.

No matter if you are an individual, small company, or even a large company seeking for advice, just contact us and maybe we can help you

Our equipment

All of our printers are high-end (consumer grade) printers and we only use a few selected brands, which we know well and can easily maintain in-house.

We have resin and FDM printers. On top of that we have lasercutting machines.

The materials we use, are always among the best on the market. We never use cheap resins or filaments, because in the end if the products won’t last, we get unhappy customers and lose business. Cutting corners, is not my way of doing business. 

Also, we use commercial post processing stations, to ensure that all the products are treated as they should and are safe to use for the customer.