Retro Space Orc Mercenaries x 5

19,90  Vat 24% inc. if applicable

Sometimes it’s best to outsource your battles and that’s when the Orc mercenaries are the tool you want to use. These brutes dont ask questions and follow their orders without hesitation (as long as they remember them..)

These miniatures are “heroic” 28mm scale and have been been printed with a high quality resin printer (4K screen for high quality) with 0.03 micron layer resolution, which means that miniatures printed with this resolution, tend to have more details than any factory made ones.

In this set you get parts to build:

  • 5 x bodies
  • 8 x heads
  • 10 x hands with close and ranged weapons
  • 2 x shoulder pad pairs

Bases not included

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