Retro Space Orc Loonies x 5

19,90  Vat 24% inc. if applicable

There are times when even most of the Orcs refuse to go on a mission… but there is an exception… The Loonies! They are not afraid (or just brainless) to face even the mightiest of enemies eye to eye. Some say it’s bravery (most know its stupidity..) but nevertheless, the loonies give other Orc troops tremendous boost of fighting spirit and tales to be told for the offspring.

These miniatures are “heroic” 28mm scale and have been been printed with a high quality resin printer (4K screen for high quality) with 0.03 micron layer resolution, which means that miniatures printed with this resolution, tend to have more details than any factory made ones.

In this set you get parts to build:

  • 5 x bodies
  • 8 x heads
  • 10 x hands with close and ranged weapons
  • 2 x shoulder pad pairs

No bases included

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