Ghyant Hybrids: Brundlefather

19,90  Vat 24% inc. if applicable

The Space Ants have a hierarchy much like the ants we know here on planet earth. The Space Ants are lead by their patriarch or as the hybrids call him, the “Brundlefather”. The Brundlefather is the heart and soul of the whole hive. He has enormous psychic capabilities and enormous physical capabilities. He usually sits in His hoverthrone and plans his dark schemes somewhere in the deep dark Galaxy.

These miniatures are “heroic” 28mm scale and have been been printed with a high quality resin printer (4K screen for high quality) with 0.03 micron layer resolution, which means that miniatures printed with this resolution, tend to have more details than any factory made ones.

In this set you get parts to build:

  • 1 x Brundlefather miniature
  • 1 x base
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