Ghyant Hybrid: Overlord

43,90  Vat 24% inc. if applicable

You asked who leads the Ghyant troops on the battlefield.. well, it would just be better not to even know. Only to know that such beasts infest our galaxy makes the feet tremble and the fear settle into our minds. The Ghyant troops are lead by the Overlord, the towering beast with several limbs which it uses as its weapons to cut down the enemy like hay. There is no armor that can withstand its sheer power. If you encounter one of these, its already game over for you.

In this set you get:

This beast is gigantic! The Height is ~15cm and this beast does not come with a base, so you need to get one yourself.

You can make different setups with these parts.

  • 2 x body parts
  • 1 x head
  • 4 x brainbug arms (unarmed)
  • 1 x gunarm
  • 2 x sword arm
  • 2 x skulker front arms

No base included

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