Marvel Champions – LCG – Playerboard

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  • A Hero Board and custom Confused, Stunned, and Tough tokens for easier/better looking tracking for your playings of Marvel Champions LCG.
    • Includes 1 of each tokens (action, confused, stunned, tough)
  • The Hero Board holds a sleeved Hero card, my three custom Confused, Stunned, and Tough tokens, damage counters (for example 16mm dice)

Hero Card
The slot on the left allows easy flipping of your Hero/Alter-Ego card.

Confused, Stunned, Tough tokens
Start the game with each status token face down. If/when you gain a status, simply flip it to its appropriate side. The tokens easily flip.

Damage Counters
Use 16mm dice to track damage rather than the supplied dials. All damage dice are stored in the top right bay.

Hero/Flip Token
The token is double-sided with an Arrow on one side and an X on the back. You can use the face-up arrow to indicate Hero/Alter-Ego action is still available. The X indicates it’s used. Then move the token onto the Hero/Alter-Ego card to indicate that it has been flipped. This is easily reset between phases.

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