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This is an insert made to store the Kickstarter including Season 2 of the Cthulhu: Death May Die by CMON into 2 boxes instead of the 3 that the game came in!

While the default inserts provided are really nice, there was some issues that needed addressing for me:

  • Having all of the investigators in the same box
  • Reduce the storage space required for this game
  • Smaller episode boxes didn’t have an insert fit to store the various tokens in the boxes


  • This will not fit the Black Goat expansion if you have it
  • Plastic inserts for the investigators sheet will have to be stored at the top of the box or inside it, gently offsetting the box cover.
  • Storage for the game is set to be horizontal
  • Large parts are split to be printed on a smaller bed – some glue is required !
  • If you only have the core box, don’t bother with this – core box storage is great! If you are missing season 2 or Kickstarter componend, you might have to do some filling.


To store in the Season 2 (or the Unspeakable Box):

  • Small miniatures box for investigators, small monsters and cultists
  • Tag sheet that allows the name and number to appear under the box to replace everything at the right place. Sheet can also be printed and put on the top to quickly locate a mini.
  • “Player sheets box”, which is used to store some of the board components, investigators sheets and tentacles for them.

To store in the core box:

  • Big monsters box 1 and 2. Those are used to store those big monsters with various base size. Box #2 is for the higher standing monsters.
  • Token box to store the various tokens of the game and the insanity cards. Also used to store the dices (up to 2 sets).
  • Bracket to put besides the token box to prevent it from shifting when moving the box, while not preventing access to the minis.

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